A speech on teacher’s role in student’s life

I am ABC from XYZ Nagar under PQ police station of DR district. Here,I am going to make a short speech on ‘A teacher’s role in a student’s life.

Teachers play a very significant role in a student’s life. A teacher is a role model in students’ life who brings out the best lore in them as well as encourage them and motivate them to endeavour for greatness.

Teachers know that students are the future of the country, so they impart their knowledge and help them become better and the best in life.

I think we need teachers in every sphere and on every step of life. They are pivotal not only for students but also for society. The presence of teachers in any meeting and social activities boost the moral as well as calibre and make the time more valuable. Here are a few things that every teacher needs to do for students:

A teacher should be impartial, he/she must treat all the students equally.
A teacher observe students from different angles, like how much skill a student should have , how much time he/she should take to process any information, how good his/her memory should be or why he/she does not comprehend something.

He/She has to think of solutions to help the students overcome their problems.

There are different kinds of students, some are slow in learning, some are fast learners and some are average students. Generally teachers do not like to explain a concept again and again to a student. So they must be patient enough to deal with such students.

Every teacher needs to have these indispensible qualities. They need to be calm, enjoy their respective jobs and realise the significance of their respective jobs.

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